what is physical literacy? - My First Gym

At the core of everything we do here at MyFirstGym, from our mission through to design of our programs and specialty classes, lies the principle of Physical Literacy.

“Physical literacy is the integration of physical, psychological, cognitive and social capabilities that help us to live active, healthy and fulfilling lifestyles”, Australian Sports Council.

Children across Australia are becoming increasingly sedentary, with this lifestyle leading to a lack of ability across basic fundamental movement skills such as running, throwing, kicking, catching or jumping. They lack the confidence, ability and motivation to move and to be physically active.

We’ve made it our mission to create a positive change, to inspire movement and lay a foundation of physical literacy for all Aussie kids.

By providing a fun and exciting environment, our members are learning that movement is something to look forward to, not something to resent. They’re developing the motivation, confidence and competence to move, and walk out from each class smiling from ear to ear.

With a comprehensive Physical Literacy manual in place, we are driven to equip each child with the following, relevant to their age and development level:

  • ability to perform a variety of fundamental movement skills competently and confidently;
  • positive attitude toward physical activity and sport and increased motivation to be active;
  • understanding of how to adapt to different movement settings and engage effectively with others;
  • knowledge and understanding of how and when to apply tactics and strategies in games.

With 8 out of 10 Aussie kids not meeting their daily activity requirement, developing physically literate kids is more important than ever.

We are providing an inspired environment in which children will leave with greater confidence and competence to move and socialise, new friendships and skills which will carry with them for the rest of their lives and a smile from ear to ear!