what is screen time doing to our kids? - My First Gym

Most of us use technology (Smartphones, iPads, Laptops, etc.) everyday and wouldn’t even know (or want to know!) what a whole day without it could look like.

What is this doing to our children?

Go back 20-25 years ago and kids were asking for rollerblades for Christmas, riding bikes all weekend & their only worry was seeing how high they could build a fort before it collapsed down. They were their own inventors of games and imaginary friends.

These days things are very different – technology has made it’s appearance.

A 2010 Kaiser Foundation study showed that elementary ages children use on average 7.5 hours per day of entertainment technology – 75% of these have a television in their bedroom’.

Due to this dramatic advance in technology, physical, psychological and behaviour disorders, learning difficulties, diagnosis of ADHD and many more are increasing at an alarming rate.

Toddlers are growing up understanding how to use an iPhone, iPad and how to navigate around YouTube better than your grandparents do.

Kids all own their own mobile phones. So, instead of going to the park with their friends, they would rather text/call them. Kids are watching Netflix in the evening and weekends rather than spending quality family time in the outdoors.

Pre-teens are forever playing games like Fortnite on PS4/Xbox/PC nowadays. Even homework is starting to become more and more digital.

It seems almost impossible to reduce your child’s screen time, some parents don’t realise how much their children are using these devices and the serious effect this can have on them. It’s proven that ‘Australian children are ranked as some of the least active in the world when it comes to physical exertion’.

However, you can reduce these risks by encouraging your children take part in physical activity as studies show that young children require 2-3 hours of non-screen time daily to improve their health and wellbeing.

Some ways to do this could be;

🌟 Go down to the park and involved with sports – Everyone will bring out their competitive side

🌟 Play games – Get the classic board games out, see who’s the Monopoly boss

🌟 Learn to cook – Get the whole family involved

🌟 Get creative – Build a obstacle course in your backyard

🌟 Educate – Go down to the local museum or planetarium

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